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both teachers ’ and classmates’ in some way


难忘的一件事英语作文篇一how time flies!i’m fifteen years now.during the long time,there was one thing that i will never forget.the spring festival is our traditional festival.during the spring festival,people usually visit

  •   难忘的一件事英语作文篇一 how time flies!i’m fifteen years now.during the long time,there was one thing that i will never forget. the spring festival is our traditional festival.during the spring festival,people usually visit their friends and relatives.when i was 9 years old,my family took the bus to my grandparents’ to say “happy new year” to them. in the bus,i had a good seat.at 7:30,the bus came to a village.a woman got on with a baby in her arms.at that time,there was no seat.but she must look after her baby carefully.she had to stand next to me.i wanted to stand up and let her sit down,but i was afraid of hearing the other people say“that girl want to be praised.”i looked around.most people were looking out of the windows and some were sleeping.suddenly,a little boy behind me,stood up and made room for the woman.she said “thank you very much” with a big smile.the boy smiled,too.when i told my cousin about it after that,he said “the child is the father of a man.” i’m very ashamed.why could’t i do the same thing as the little boy did? from that i learn that we should do our best to help people who need help.if everyone makes a contribution to helping others,the world will become much more beautiful! 难忘的一件事英语作文篇二 as a student ,i don’t have any great event to talk about ,but here i want to share my experience of preparing for the high school entrance examination. during the first three years of junior school ,we were very happy and free .but we often heard that grade 4 would be a hell. after the final exam of grade 3 in june, everything blew onto our faces : teachers’ changing , harder and harder texts , terrible pressure and of course the graduate exam .where your position was on the listboard became the most important thing in our life .we had to study hard day and night ,always from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. the next day. but i must say that it’s really an unforgettable memory in my life. under the pressure we lived our life to the fullest, and enjoyed the true interesting things that we may have never cared before. grade 4 in junior school was a turning point in my life. my attitude to learning, my world outlook and my philosophy of life all changed. i turned to be positive and strong. i also gained many people’s true & pure friendship, both teachers ’ and classmates’. in some way, i like that kind of life, as it taught me many things i’d never learned before. teachers also helped me a lot. i still can’t forget that my history teacher talked to me until 10:00 p.m. on april 30th, 2003, for my application. my head teacher also encouraged me, so did my chinese teacher. i should say, all my teachers worked very hard and always neglected their sleep and meals. even if some of them were about 50 and often fell ill, they never left us one day . 难忘的一件事英语作文篇三 this morning, i take my first taste on seeking family education with a high heart-lever. in latest, i have summonned up my encourage to carry out this travel, and regulate myself that i will not do work at a payment lowing 20rmb per hour at least for self-thought that i am hold an impressive proficiency of english and an outstanding condition. after a string of waiting time, i welcame the first customer, a couple. leading a mutual chinchin, our talking seemed going smoothly before refering to the wages. the man said:" how much you want get per hour." i though deeply and gave a reply:" ok, 20 is moderate." the women interfered:" but i have noticed that other tutors just require for a specific pay under 15!" i promptly conscioused that all my particularly excellent conditions descend to an ignorable position when refering to wealth. merely i can leave an so-called engagement for excluding unexpective circumstances... yes, i am on the way of reaching adultness, the bricks-and-mortar world is not as absolute as i believe. not a popular character i can be only in own mind. yes, i should on days ahead conduct every step on the sea-lever. illusion is virtual, my agenda is need to be foot by foot. i am sure that one day current days are abount to become to what i fantasize now! 难忘的一件事英语作文篇四 august 5 was a special day. it was my eighteenth birthday, on the way to become an adult. i didn’t go out with my relatives as usual, i went to zhejiang daily newspaper building to experience how an editor of zhejiang online website worked. in the morning, we visited many offices, chatted with wang zhidong, the former ceo of sina, and we tried to edit a report and send it to the internet. we also had a debate about whether kids’being on-line was good. i stood on the positive side. that was, we should get on-line, to learn, to relax, to shop, to play, to make friends, and to name just a few. we took some pictures to accept as a souvenir. we had lunch there and watched movies afterwards. spiderman ii was truly realistic. we were fascinated by the cool actions, scared by the ugly beast,and encouraged by the brave hero. then we saw part of detective conan, a japanese cartoon film. in the afternoon, we took a bus to a building where the governors worked to interview a grandpa, who used to work for the young generation. he is kind, and healthy, though he is over eighty. he loves working, especially working for the youth. he feels more energetic as he talks with kids. at last, he asked us to sing a song for him. we sent a boy on behalf of us all to sing a happy song. he didn’t disappoint us, making everyone present laugh for a while. when the interview ended, we headed back to the newspaper office.the leader handed each of us a diploma and the photos we took that morning. good time passed quickly. we said good-bye to each other, and then we parted. yeah, we’ve become friends though we haven’t known each other very long. in a word, that was a meaningful enjoyable day. i really had great fun.

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